My Life, My Way: Finding Flow

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My Life, My Way: Finding Flow

I was in an accident a few years back (completely at fault), that left me without a car and stole a piece of my independence.  Little did I know then, that a lack of freedom would allow me to discover a new freedom that I wasn’t even missing.

The accident made me realize that I have been living my life for others disguised as a life for myself.  I deftly played by society’s rules and lived the life that I thought I wanted… one that I felt everyone expected.  I followed the “shoulds” instead of my wants and found that I lost myself in the process.

I used to run from meeting to appointment, appointment to expectation and was running myself ragged …yet, I have to admit, I have always operated this way and believed that the the frantic pace of life that overwhelmed others was a place where I thrived!

That accident allowed me to discover a place that is anything but frantic and I feel more empowered, alive and excited about life than I can ever remember being.  Without “life” to keep me busy, I had time to answer questions that I had never asked myself before.

What is my way of living life? …of pursuing my business?  …of expressing what it is to be me?  What is the flow that feels right for me?  What is it to truly live life for me?  What do I want?  What is it all for?  It was a paradox of feelings.  I felt confused yet filled with wisdom, powerful with bouts of hesitance, and peaceful amidst a buzz of excitement.   I know I am blazing a trail that no one ever needs to follow, so I won’t look behind me and forge ahead confidently not knowing.

Whenever I think of getting back on a hamster wheel, even in my own business, I think back to the time when I totaled my car. . .

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