As an entrepreneur, I am full of energy, tools, and opportunities but lacked a way to put all of these together and select the best opportunities. By working with Lisa, I’ve created a process and a set of tools to put all of my strengths together and focus on the very best opportunities available to me, both in my professional and personal life. I love the different methodologies Lisa uses to collaborate with me, the exercises that help me gain different perspectives on the challenges that I bring up during my coaching calls, and the laughter that she extracts from me because learning with her is fun.”
Anthony Lee Business Development & Strategic Alliances
WHB Solutions, LLC
Over a year ago, I made one of the most valuable investments of my personal and professional life . . . I hired Lisa to be my life coach. Through her coaching, I found myself taking, often difficult action steps necessary in pursuing my goals and dreams. As an entrepreneur, I found myself getting through obstacles of expanding my business faster with the help of Lisa than on my own. Whether it was personal or professional, Lisa intuitively knew how to guide me in recognizing who I wanted to be in all circumstances, and more importantly, what I needed to do to become that person. Her creative ways to help me process situations with exercises between session makes me feel like the coaching goes beyond the phone call. I still work with Lisa on an ongoing basis and I can’t imagine not having a life coach next to my side as I continue my life’s adventures. Lisa is passionate about bringing out the best in each person, and is gifted in doing so. Thanks Lisa, you are truly one of my angels!”
Dr. Nancy Le Holistic Chiropractor, Entrepreneur
Beyond Chiropractic
Lisa has helped me to discover and breakthrough limiting beliefs that have held me back my entire life. She has a way of laser focusing and intuitively pinpointing that gets to the heart of anything I bring to coaching. She creates an environment where I can be my authentic self and allow myself to be vulnerable because I know I am in a safe space. When necessary, she tells me the hard truth in a way that propels me to move forward and take action. Working with her has made me realize how to step into my power to have the life I most desire!”
Alicia Schaab Life Coach
Emerging Victoriously!
Lisa has been an amazing resource, resolute partner, and an excellent sounding board. I came to coaching as part of my PHD program as a skeptic, but am now a convert to the methodology & experience. From our first session, I’ve been forced to face my resistance, reveal my limited assumptions, and really rediscover myself. Coaching has helped me find comfort searching for myself, and living in every moment as if it’s perfect. Coaching is like the most honest of conversations. You can’t hide from yourself–you uncover your own limits and solutions. A coach just casts light of your own path. Lisa has profoundly helped me find mine.”
Travis Collier Performance Designer
Just when I thought I had lost the trail again, one call with Lisa and the magic began to tickle me. We played around with what’s important to me, tinkered with my ideas of what I think I’m all about and invoked what I feel my soul’s message truly is. The call shifted the worlds inside me. My bones, breath, heart, movement, and energy all powerfully aligned with who I know I really am. I hadn’t remembered this feeling since I was about 3 years old. Behind Lisa’s encouraging feedback was a force my being had become desperate to ingest. The magic was that somehow I was ready for her particular reflection of me. I was able to excitedly embrace myself so wholly and authentically that there was no room for the judgmental inner voices to abuse me. I finally got the message so clearly that I matter and that my job is to share my gift with the world. Although the darkness may still blow around me fiercely sometimes, I can sense it just won’t rattle me the same way ever again. There is no more need to hide out and that is a huge breakthrough for me! Thank you Lisa for being the right person at the right time and helping me experience a miracle!”
Alison Seveon Vitality Trainer
Vitality Training
Working with Lisa has been a great experience in many ways. She’s a wonderful person who genuinely cares about you and your success. This creates a very comfortable environment that is similar to talking to a close friend that you can share anything with. Her insight and coaching has helped me to see things about myself, and life in general, that I never saw before. I have discovered some key points that have been holding me back from enjoying life now. I have also learned some great techniques to help me overcome obstacles that have been a challenge to me. Life can be hard enough as it is, but it doesn’t have to be that way when you have a coach like Lisa. There is great value in coaching with Lisa and I highly recommend meeting with her to see how she will be able to help you. Thanks for everything Lisa!”
Sam J Perea Internet Entrepreneur
Lisa’s professional manner allowed me to feel comfortable with her which set a crucial platform to be open and honest about my goals not only with her but most importantly, with myself. She has helped me to see from new perspectives, held me accountable for goals I have set during our sessions, taught me how to place my fears aside and ultimately, to dream big once again. I am truly grateful for her talents.”
Christina Christner Owner
Christina Christner Skin Care and Spa