My Truth

I believe that you, as an entrepreneur, choose the difficult and rewarding journey of being a business owner as a powerful way to express what you are here to do. My work with business owners is rooted in having them consciously engage in the entrepreneurial adventure of self-discovery, and deeply connect with their truth and purpose to make an impact on the world. This is what I am here to do.

I believe that what holds you back from your wildest dreams is yourself, your limiting beliefs and most of all, your fear of the immense impact you can have once you embrace your magnificence. Your reason for being is hiding in your daily life and everything that you believe brought you to this point. It is also safely tucked away under layers of expectations, doubts, and fears. When you can accept, love and be who you truly are, then you will know what you are capable of. We all have a purpose, but are you ready to hear and act from that place of knowing that resides within you?

Coaching with me

My coaching relationships are colored by my gift of wisdom for others. If you are a person who leads and impacts others while leaning into change, growth, and fear, then our work will explode you to the next level of showing up as your most authentic self in every aspect of your life. Our coaching will have you balance feeling empowered with the freedom to be vulnerable, as we push you to your edge and beyond. You will radiate clarity and inspired action as you excitedly take the reins on your journey. You are the expert of your life and my role is to provide a safe place to explore, help you break through barriers and mirror your magnificence. We will not only excavate the treasure that you are meant to surface from that sacred place of your purpose-knowing self, but together we will create a well-worn path so you will be able to access it from anywhere and everywhere.

About Lisa

I consider myself a nomad. Adopted at the age of 5 from South Korea, I have lived in Cedar Rapids, Phoenix, San Diego, New York City, Palo Alto, and am now currently in Portland, OR surrounded by incredible, innovative entrepreneurs. For me, “home” can really be anywhere. It is all about being surrounded by love. I graduated from Santa Clara University with a degree in Psychology and gained my coaching training and certification from The Coaches Training Institute. I enjoy cooking, LOVE eating (ever since NYC awakened the foodie in me), and look forward to new dining experiences. I also believe that play and creativity is at the foundation of success so, I recently tried glass-blowing and belly dancing. My next adventure is to re-engage with my singing voice and try my hand at metalsmithing.