The Power of the Space Between the Notes

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The Power of the Space Between the Notes

What do you do when you have some downtime? . . .and no, this is not a hypothetical question. Well, you fill it of course! There is so much to do! Business owners focused on growing their companies have calendars bursting at the seams.

Entrepreneurs are comparing themselves against other business owners not only by what they have accomplished, but also by the length of their to-do lists! In my work with business owners, I have noticed the frantic need to be “doing.” Your business not growing fast enough? Must mean that you are not doing enough, doing it wrong or doing the wrong thing. Whatever the reason, more action is the answer. Stopping is quitting, right? Who has time to sit around when there is a business to run? That is the story running in the background of the frantically busy.

Don’t get me wrong, work and “doing” is paramount in business, but only when space, silence, and reflection is honored as well. If we don’t know the “why” behind what we are doing, then we are driving in the dark without headlights. It is in the stillness that you are able to pause, look at the big picture, and evaluate how your actions are measuring up to why you are doing the action in the first place. And here we find another big pot hole. Sometimes, we don’t even know WHY we are DOING something. We just think that if we commit to doing it better, harder, and more consistently, it will give us the results we are seeking. Maybe. Maybe not. Remember, you are far more than the “doer” in your company, you are the visionary.

A past coach of mine, Michael Huskey, shared with me that what makes music beautiful is the “space between the notes.” Stop and think about that for a moment. Imagine music without the spaces. It would just be a barrage of notes all tumbling on top of one another. I imagine a toddler haphazardly pounding away on a piano and my ears cringe. It is because of the spaces that we appreciate the beauty and clarity of the notes. Brilliant!

Spaces happen both from deliberate, conscious choice and other times from circumstances outside our control – including the pace and mystery of how life unfolds. Both are gifts. In the past month, I found myself saying “no” and stepping away from things, people, opportunities, clients, etc. What a great reminder that saying “no” to things means simultaneously saying “yes” to other things. Say “no” to things that don’t align with your business, beliefs, or values and you are saying “yes” to powerfully create room, physically and energetically, for new things to come into your life and your awareness.  The more you practice this, the more you will define who you are, what your business offers and how stand out in the minds of those that will support and grow your business.


  1. great reminder lisa!
    as a student of voice and music….i’ve learned that it is important to become aware of the vibration that continues even after the sound is no longer noticed. the energy of that vibration helps to prepare for what’s next. sometimes you need that space so that you can take a breath!

    • Wow! Interesting. I never thought of the energy of the vibration setting up what happens next. And that applies so beautifully to life. Sometimes the “lull” in our lives (even those we may not like) is the perfect preparation for what happens next. Thanks for sharing!

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