Quantum Leap & the Magic Mirror

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Quantum Leap & the Magic Mirror

We are constantly evolving, slowly but surely.  Then there are those experiences or goals that represent a quantum leap.

Maybe there is an idea that you have been toying around with, but there is always a reason or circumstance (read excuse or fear) that keeps the “doing” of the thing, just out of reach.  The experience or accomplishment of a desired, quantum leap is something I refer to as “walking through the Magic Mirror.”

Once you step through the mirror, you find yourself in another world, another reality.  You encounter new perspectives, experiences and immense growth.  You are an explorer in a new place, dazzled by the new opportunities that lie before you, and you never look back.

So, what are you waiting for?

As you walk closer and closer to the mirror, your reflection grows more and more defined.  You come face to face with your fears, while the voices in your head scream to play it safe in your comfort zone.

Yet, something pulls you forward.

It is the hope that what is on the other side is more magnificent than your wildest dreams.  It is you following the aliveness of something that simultaneously excites and scares you.  You are actively embracing the next pivotal step in your journey and deciding how you want to show up in your life.

My magic mirror is to embark on a challenge to coach and consult with 100 companies in 100 days to inspire people with the opportunity of entrepreneurship so that anyone can be empowered to dream, innovate and contribute to society.  I will be taking a hiatus from this blog for about 6 months, so if you want to come along for the ride, sign up for the Challenge blog and check out the website here.

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