Confidence, meet my new friend, Fear

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Confidence, meet my new friend, Fear

As a self-proclaimed confident person, I found myself about to embark on some uncharted territory in my business. POOF! My confidence vanished into thin air. Oh fickle friend, how could you leave me in my time of need?

I pondered my relationship with confidence. I discovered that my confidence is rooted not only in knowing who I am and what I believe in, but also deeply connected to past successes and wins. So, it makes sense to think that if I had a lot of previous success, then I would be more confident in new things that I haven’t tried, right? Not so much.

Confidence is over-rated

If my mind wants to be in alignment with feeling confident, does that mean that I stick to areas where I have already proven myself or does it propel me to try something completely new in the world of the unknown? On one side I am propelled by past experience and memories of success, while on the other I am haunted by how miserably I might fail.

Enter Fear

Fear shows up when I am a beginner, inexperienced and attached to an outcome. It is often accompanied by my loudest gremlins and voices of doubt. But if there is one thing that I know about gremlins, they are loudest when we are ON OUR PATH. They want to keep us safe within our comfort zone. And what is outside our comfort zone is our growing edge.

Fear is a more accurate compass, pointing towards success and growth, than confidence will ever be.

You know the belief that you are the average of your five closest friends? My friend Confidence, who is riding on the success of the past and living life within the lines, might have to take a back seat while I get to be better friends with Fear. I have a feeling that my friendship with Fear will push me to my edge, dare me to do the outrageous and keep me laughing all the while.

D.I.G. fear

What is your relationship with Fear? What do you do when she shows up? Is Fear something that you move towards or away from?

If Fear was in fact guiding you to your growing edge, what would she be suggesting to you? What, in your life or your business, is she bringing into your awareness?

Take a moment to imagine what would be different if you decided to trust where Fear was leading you? What do you envision? What would be possible?

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