Balanced Entrepreneur

Are you the multi-tasking, massive-action business owner who is in your element, when you are juggling 15 balls in the air, yet know you are not honoring your need for self-care? Do you burn the candle at both ends and still constantly feel like you haven’t done enough? Maybe you yearn to discover a unique balance that allows you to nurture your business and nourish your soul.

Our coaching partnership will:

  • promote your unique equilibrium in balancing your life priorities including work, relationships, and play
  • uncover your ideal relationship between commitments, priorities and boundaries
  • reveal the relationship between your actions, your business and your vision
  • empower you to make choices that support balance in every area of your life
  • embrace who you are “be-ing” while taking intentional action
  • create more time and less stress as you question your actions in new ways

Be a pioneer practicing radical presence in the midst of the entrepreneurial frenzy.