Accountable Entrepreneur

Are you fueled with the confidence of where you want to be but lacking the commitment to follow through towards greatness? Do you fear not being able to manifest your dreams in a way that honors them? Would others describe you as a visionary with innovative ideas, but you are disappointed in your ability to make those visions a reality? Do you find your of list action-steps overwhelming or change your goals so often that you lose motivation before you ever get started?

Our coaching partnership will:

  • connect the future with the present in a way that steadily moves you toward your dreams
  • create an individual accountability system that provides optimal structure and support
  • uncover what you are committed to as you play with focus, motivation and action
  • keep the “shoulds” at bay while we powerfully work through what is holding you back (i.e. lack of experience, self-defeating beliefs, and fears of success or failure)
  • shed light on new perspectives that inspire action without overwhelm
  • powerfully hold you accountable to necessary tasks that lie outside your comfort zone
  • help you navigate through confusion and procrastination

Focus, commit and watch your dreams take flight.