Entrepreneurship is a journey brimming with invitations of self-discovery. Similar to the experience of being in a relationship or having children, your business is a reflection of who you are and how you show up in the world. Your business illustrates your limits, your belief system, how you make choices, how you follow through on commitments, and what you stand for. This list goes on indefinitely. For many business owners, as you grow your business grows, and as your business grows, there are more challenges forcing you to grow yet again. This beautifully fluid cycle of your business informing who you are, and your engagement with that information that in turn drives your business, is a key place to uncover your life’s work.

The Archeology Coaching Method is about uncovering and unearthing the power and wisdom embedded in this cycle. Our coaching will have you firmly grounded in who you are, empowered by acknowledging and accepting your truth, and fired up to make an impact in your unique way. So whether you are swirling in the thrill and terror of starting your own business, in massive action struggling to balance your personal life with an exploding business, or vividly visualizing the future of your business, but having difficulty committing to action, our coaching will reveal the next powerful cycle of growth and knowing.

If you are ready to start acting on that voice that keeps telling you to lean into your edge, then I look forward to joining you on your ever-evolving journey as a trailblazer.