The Best Use of YOU & Opportunity Cost

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The Best Use of YOU & Opportunity Cost

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you have so much on your mind and it’s flying around in your head like a hurricane – and you just might be a physical representation (picture Taz).  You take responsibility and pride for every level of your business.  You make it your “business” not only to know about every little detail, but you might still be involved in every detail.  Is this the best use of you?

What are things that ONLY you can do for your company?  How are you doing making time for those things?  What would happen if you regularly scheduled time to proactively strategize, reflect and get creative with what is going on in your business?

This may be obvious, but when you say “yes” to something, you are simultaneously saying “no” to other things, specific and general.  When you spend time doing things that other people in your company can do, there is a huge opportunity cost for not choosing to do the things only you can do.  This has to be a proactive effort; there will always be fires and things begging for your attention.  When you are worrying about paying the bills and paying employees, or you want things done a certain way, it probably seems prudent to “do it yourself,” but what you are losing out on is the opportunity to deliberately spend time as the visionary, creative, problem-solver that had this audacious idea of [insert dream of your company here] and missing out on fulfilling the idea that you has been swirling in the hurricane – with a return that is ten-fold. . .

***This blog, inspired by a consult with Leanna Carreon at Leanna NYC, is a part of the 100in100 Challenge.

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