Lift Off!. . .and Drop the Dead Weight

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Lift Off!. . .and Drop the Dead Weight

When you are first starting out, it’s hard figuring out what works when it comes to building your business. Sometimes, it is even harder to let go of these practices, structures, and way of doing things . . . even when they are no longer serving you or your company.

I get it. Those things got you to where you are now. So why change things if they work? The catch is whether you are taking the time to assess if what worked in the past is still working in your favor. Just as you are constantly looking for ways to better your service or products by paying attention to client feedback and industry changes, it’s imperative to have your processes evolve as well.

Let me paint a picture. You know how rocket boosters, needed to overcome earth’s gravity, fall off after a space shuttle enters orbit? Specifically, the boosters are used in two or three stages to propel the shuttle to a speed of 28,000 km per hour, and when the fuel is used up, they separate from the rocket to drop the dead weight.

The growth of your business follows the same idea. There are processes and ways of doing business that represent those boosters: things that were necessary to get you to the next level, the outer edge, and into outer space. The question is – are they still working?

Where in your business do you still have “empty rocket boosters” attached? What and how can you shift to let those things go? You’re in outer space now with new goals on the horizon.

***This blog, inspired by a consult with Michael Skogg at Skogg System, as part of the 100in100 Challenge.


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